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What is Adobe Photoshop?

What is Adobe Photoshop: is powerful tool to use to edit the photos and we can create own images with our creative idea and this using various purpose (ex: Image Editing, Image correction, Fashion design, film industry, Software Company and all kind of branding design work etc… ).
If you want to become as “Graphic Designer or Web Designer”, this is important tool for your knowledge, just start as Beginner and keep understand the following important tools in Photoshop

The Layer Tool
The Color & Swatches Tool
Custom Fonts & The Text Tool
Custom Brushes & The Brush Tool
The Select Tool
The Move Tool
The Zoom Tool
The Eraser
The Crop Tool
The Fill Tool
The Eyedropper Tool
Blending Options

I will post some articles how we can use tools for images editing, Just have look on the below image edit works down by using these basic tools.

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